I'm a nervous flier...

Added on by Russell Prince.

But when the plane dips below the clouds and land is sighted, I begin to relax.  The landscape seems so orderly from an aerial view.  As we descend, lawns and fields make mosaics of the loveliest green and swimming pools sparkle blue…The roofs of houses are agreeably uniform…Downtown buildings seem monolithic.  Our ancestors and benefactors have provided this template.  All we have to do is inhabit it peacefully and responsibly.

Then we land.  There are cabs to catch and bills to pay and mouths to feed and cracks in the sidewalk.  There’s a new job and new neighbors and another tree falls to make room for more.  Grandma lives in a small town and lightning struck one of her cows.  Oh, and your Aunt Martha died and nobody wants her grand piano.

There are times we laugh and times we cry and dreams of the future and regrets of the past.  And there’s a hole in the New York skyline and nothing will ever be the same again.

(Artist Statement, 2013)